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At SUNJAM Workforce, we connect skilled professionals with exciting opportunities across three key sectors: Human Services, ​Production & Processing, and Transportation & Logistics. Whether you're passionate about helping others, creating high ​quality products, or keeping the world moving, we have the resources and expertise to help you find your perfect career fit.

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Human Services

Human services encompasses a wide ​range of professions dedicated to ​helping individuals and families ​navigate life's challenges and reach ​their full potential. Medical ​professionals, psychologists, social ​workers, counselors, therapists, and ​healthcare support workers are just a ​few examples of the many roles that ​help people live better lives.

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Processing & Production

Manufacturing relies heavily on ​processing and production, which ​involves skilled workers who are ​responsible for converting raw ​materials into finished products. ​Production workers, machine ​operators, and quality control ​inspectors are a few essential roles ​that play a significant role in keeping ​production lines running smoothly.

Transportation & Logistics

This dynamic sector keeps the world ​moving. From the skilled engineers ​who design and build massive ships to ​the logistics coordinators who ensure ​the seamless flow of goods across ​continents, this industry offers a ​diverse range of opportunities.

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